Yard Work Day

This morning we somewhat slept in…meaning we didn’t get out of bed and get dressed until after 10! I love when John David takes care of Paxton in the morning and let’s me snooze!

Once we got out of bed, John David went and started cutting the yard and I dressed for the day!

My first task was to give Paxton a bath! I put warm water in his baby bath tub and gave him a bath (he didn’t even tinkle in the tub this time!) Once I got him out of the tub I wrapped him up in his towel and picked him up, I felt something warm and I figured he tinkled in the towel. Well, when I put him on the changing table and opened up the towel I saw he had pooped! So I wiped off his bottom, picked up the bare baby and ran to the bathroom and grabbed another towel! The simple little bath ended up quite complicated but funny!

Here he is dressed for the day! He looks just precious in his Baby Gap onesie and his little jeans!

I love this expression!

Around 1:00 John David came in and we ate lunch before heading to town to pick up weed eater string and a few groceries. Paxton slept pretty much the entire time we were gone!

When we got back home John David went outside and weed-eated the yard and worked on the lawnmower (that we borrow from our fabulous neighbor!) I put away groceries, fed the baby, did laundry and even pulled up a few weeds in the flower bed!

John David grilled delicious hamburgers for dinner tonight! We had a wonderful Saturday and our yard no longer looks like a hay field!

Paxton in his jammies ready for bed!

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