When Daddy Dresses Me

When Daddy Dresses Me

by: Paxton

When Daddy dresses me, I look like a man! I wear cool tractor shirts, blue jeans and even get to wear my camo bib (much better than the baby blue cottony stuff mama prefers, although I do admit it is very comfortable!)

When dressed like a man, one must act like a man…no grinning for your silly mama!

Until she says pretty please and reminds me that she is the one who feeds me!

Don’t laugh…I know my grin is cheesy but I’m cute and no, I’m not watching what I eat nor am I exercising. I do think I need to start moving around more, people are beginning to refer to me as chunky and pudgy and solid!

She caught me off guard here, thus the silly face!

Laughing for mama! (I think she really likes it!)

[I really cannot believe how much he is changing and growing and how chunky he’s getting…he has rolls on his legs and arms! And I really do love the laughs, I think I could listen to him laughing all day long!]

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