When Daddy Dresses Me

I always love when John David dresses Paxton…it’s a little surprise for me to see what he’s wearing! He usually does a really good job, typically dressing him like himself with jeans and a button up or a “manly” looking onesie/t-shirt!

I got tickled the other day when I saw the outfit he put on Paxton! The kicker for me was the backwards bib as well as the boots (since we weren’t going anywhere)!

Even babies take bad pictures! And yes, his pants are a little short…he’s getting taller but winter is almost over, no need to replace our wear only at home “play pants” at this point!

He now realizes that his mama has the camera and he’s ready to attack…

Such a sweet little boy! Love those 2 little teeth!

And John David had a chuckle along with me about Paxton’s little outfit so I’m not just making fun of my sweet husband!! 🙂 I’m so thankful that I have a husband who is so helpful and not afraid to dress our son! He even changes cloth diapers and rinses them out sometimes…that’s  a real man!!

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