What’s Happening

My parents, sister and niece came for a visit on Thursday night and were planning on visiting until Sunday. Well, Friday night my sister had two attacks (which were intiailly assumed to be panic attacks) and went to the emergency room. She had gallstones and her pancreas levels were really high. She was admitted to the hospital and has been there since Friday night. Sunday afternoon she had her gallbladder removed and hopefully will come home (to our home) Tuesday!

John David and I have been helping out with Emerson, we have taken care of her the past 3 nights and will be on baby duty again tonight! It has been an educational experience to say the least! (I am calling it baby college…I mean how many couples get to actually take care of an infant before they have their own children?)

The bouncy seat works wonders!

Here she is this morning in her jammies after eating breakfast!

Please keep my sister in your prayers that she will be able to come home sometime Tuesday, for healing without complications and for patience as she waits in her hospital room unable to hold her sweet babe.

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