What’s Been Going On

Again, it has been awhile since I last wrote. The reason I don’t write frequently is because I don’t think we have done anything exciting enough to share, but I guess the everyday is exciting!!

We had a lovely weekend. Friday night we didn’t have anything planned but we did go to Goodwill to look around there. I found an Elisabeth Elliott book that I had been looking for, it was in perfect condition and only $1.49! I also found a Hallmark plate for $1.99!

I love the pretty cherries, it makes it look so cheerful! It will make a great cake plate or serving plate!!

There is a little poem on the back that says, “Please accept this simple treat for being extra kind, for when it comes to thoughtfulness, of course, you come to mind. And even when the smallest crumbs of food are finally gone, the plate is yours to keep, or else feel free to pass it on. For as you honor someone else’s caring attitude, you’ll be a link within a lasting chain of gratitude.”

Saturday we slept until 8:30 and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch! We both got our favorite meal that we get for both breakfast and lunch, fried chicken tenders with hash brown casserole! After eating we went to Target where I found a brown scoop neck t-shirt (I have been looking for a plain brown t-shirt everywhere with no success!) It was a great find for $2.45!! That evening we went to the Sunset Symphony. It was held at an Antebellum home and we had dinner and listened to the symphony on the lawn! It was a nice evening that we both enjoyed!

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