Western Jammies

Paxton has hit a growth spurt and outgrew his 6 month footed sleepers. He had some new jammies waiting for him to grow into that his Aunt Jill gave him! They’re western jammies and they’re adorable!

This 2 piece set is precious!! (They’re 12 months…I can hardly believe he is in some 12 month things already!)

Hanging out with daddy…doesn’t he look like such a big boy?

He also has this adorable sleeper with little horses on the feet! (It’s 9 months and the tag inside makes me feel like my baby isn’t too big!!)

Sweet sleepy boy

Crawling (well, almost)! (Notice the mirror in the background? We’ve yet to hang it up but Paxton just loves sitting in front of the mirror looking at, talking to and kissing the cute little baby in the mirror!

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  1. Sarah says:

    so cute! carsyn has that sleeper. it was dustyns, he passed it down. paxton is getting so big!

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