We’re Getting a Puppy

John David and I are getting a puppy in a few weeks! He is a precious Yorkie-Poo that my sister has and since she has another dog and is moving back home she needed a new home for this precious puppy!

Here he is:

Rebekah named him Rebel but we are going to name him Mac since we love our Macs and could never name our children after our computers but Mac is great for a puppy!

He will be joining us December 22 and we are very excited about our new addition!!

Adorable puppy (& handsome hubby!)

(These pictures are from Thanksgiving…we didn’t take a picture together we just took pictures with the dog!)

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  1. shelly riggs says:

    I was looking the yorkie poo images on my computor, when i saw Mac he looks the spitting image of my Ralph I have had her since October she was only 18oz when i got her. We named her Ralph afer an old cartoon

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