This weekend was lovely! We slept in Saturday morning (not too late) and it was great! We spent our Saturday just relaxing at home and enjoying spending time together. I did come up with a “to do” list for this week. I figure having a list where I can check off the things I finish will help to make me feel I have accomplished something that week! I will see how it goes this week!

Sunday I taught my second week of the Older Threes Sunday School! I had 5 kids again this week! I am really enjoying teaching these Pre-Schoolers. They are so much fun, so sweet and very attentive! We learned about being kind to each other this Sunday! After church we watched more Olympics!

This morning I woke up somewhat slowly (because we stayed up too late watching Olympics!) I had breakfast with John David and after he left for work I went for my morning walk. After my exercise I did laundry, meal planned for the week, dusted the house, organized his closet, and took a few pictures of items we are going to list on Craigslist/E-bay! So I feel I have had a productive day and hopefully will have a productive week!

Now, we are still watching the Olympics…it will be tough getting out of bed again in the morning!

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