Visiting Grandparents

Playing with his Papaw!

Paxton and Papaw looking at Papaw’s dog Buddy! Paxton loved looking at the dog, he was watching where he went!

Still looking at the dog while Grandpa and Mamaw were trying to play with him!

I love this shot! Look at those expressive eyebrows!

Ah, classic Paxton these days, drool and bubbles!

Playing with mamaw!

He loves his puppy, especially chewing on the puppy’s nose!

2 Responses to “Visiting Grandparents”

  1. AnnaG says:

    Too cute!

    What breed of dog is your dads?

    I have an australan shepherd puppy!

    Love y’all!


  2. Denise says:

    Hi there,
    Love the pictures. Paxton sure looks like he is growing and he is sooooo cute! Mr. Cecil and Mrs. Kitty look very happy to be able to see that sweet boy.

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