Valentine’s Day

We’re don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s Day in any big way! I’m not the flowers, diamonds, and chocolates kind of girl, I know my husband loves me and he doesn’t have to buy me gifts on certain days of the year to prove it!

We do however celebrate in a simple way and have done different things since we’ve been together!

Our first Valentine’s, when we were dating, I went and visited John David and his family in East Tennessee for the weekend! It snowed that weekend and the Saturday night before Valentine’s we went sledding in the pasture at 10:30 at night…wonderful memories! And we had a Valentine’s breakfast at Cracker Barrel before I went back to school! (Cracker Barrel was our first date, so that’s special!)

Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, we bought an iPod (as an us gift) and I made John David coupons for silly things (that he’s yet to redeem…for some reason when I give homemade coupons as gifts the recipient wants to keep them & not redeem them!)

Last year we set a $5 budget and were quite creative! I bought him a black shirt (on clearance…of course) and he gave me a 12-pack of Sun Drop that he arranged in the shape of a heart! (I love citrusy soft drinks!)

This year we decided on no gifts! However, John David’s mom gave us $20 to go out to eat on and we enjoyed having that money! We had Mexican for lunch yesterday, spending a grand total of $15.50. With the remaining money we went to Sonic yesterday afternoon and John David got an Iced Mocha Latte and I had a small Strawberry Shake, that was only $3.80! We were proud that we had 2 “dates” and $.70 left over!

Last night was pizza night and I made heart shaped Cheese Bread for my sweetie!

As well as a heart shaped pepperoni pizza! (Which was very yummy!)

This morning we went to church and came home to leftover pizza (I love Sunday afternoon leftovers!) Then, we had a wonderful lazy Sunday afternoon with ranch popcorn, chocolate milk, oreos, and TV! We didn’t do a single productive thing which is nice every once in a while!!

And here’s Paxton while we were waiting on the pizza to finish! Baby Paxton is our gift to each other this year! We just can’t wait to finally meet him in 2 months and 1 week!!

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