We’ve been doing quite a bit of unpacking this week! Tuesday we had clothes all over our bedroom! We downsized from a huge walk in closet to a very small closet! Thanks to getting rid of a few items before we moved and some more serious decluttering we were able to make it work! We both have fairly minimal wardrobes!

The picture is not just sharing our clothes, it’s a game! Kind of like ‘Where’s Waldo’ but called ‘Where’s Paxton’. Can you find him? (Answer at the bottom of the post!)

We’re realizing that children do not need toys at all! They are creative! Between tags, boxes, daddy’s ties and whatever else that is within reach, this child is never without entertainment!

And he also enjoyed hiding in the jackets too! (Notice the tie still wrapped around him!)

We’re enjoying this budding personality from our little man! He’s getting to be so much fun!

*’Where’s Paxton’- His head is in the middle covered by a pink shirt that he was chewing on at that moment!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Ha ha! Too cute. I saw his little feet sticking out. Hope you are getting settled in.

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