Trip to the Tennessee Aquarium

We went to the Tennessee Aquarium this past Monday and boy did we have a good time! ¬†We were given tickets months ago from Aunt Pat but we wanted to wait until Paxton would be old enough to enjoy the trip and at 13 months old, he had an absolute blast! {And so did mama and daddy…it’s so much fun watching our child learn and enjoy things!!}

We began in the Ocean Journey building and boy did we have fun. One of the most exciting parts of the whole trip was in the very first exhibit where we were able to touch stingrays! Paxton mainly enjoyed touching the water but I think he was able to touch one with help from daddy!

He just loved the water!!

The stingrays were really neat! Several of them were swimming up near the surface and I even touched one, it felt all slimey and weird!!

The next stop was one of my favorite exhibits, the Butterfly Garden exhibit! There were some birds in this one too which John David and Paxton looked at!

Looking at the birds with daddy! {Notice his hair, we trimmed up the back so he’d look more like a boy!}

Paxton rode in his stroller about half the time, the other half, he was walking around like a big boy! {It was quite the job keeping up with our moving man!} Doesn’t he look so big and adorable in his overalls and tennis shoes?

Walking around with daddy…such a big little boy! {And of course Paxton made friends all day between reaching for people, grabbing ladies hands, trying to touch babies, “talking” to kids…there is never a dull or friendless moment with Paxton!}

There were so many beautiful butterflies in the exhibit!

I kept hoping one would land on me or Paxton or John David but we had no such luck!

I loved these gorgeous yellow flowers that were in the butterfly exhibit!

To be continued…

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  1. Denise says:

    Looks like you guys had a really good time. He certainly does look like a big boy now. The pictures of the butterflies and flowers were just beautiful. The colors were so vibrant.

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