Trip to the Tennessee Aquarium: Part 2

We had a blast at the penguin exhibit! There were these life sized penguins there that Paxton enjoyed touching! {He’s about the same size as a penguin!}

Having a big ole time!

An attempt of a sweet picture of mama and Paxton!

It was amazing watching the penguins swimming around and hearing their loud calls!

We loved the huge aquarium full of all kinds of fish and sharks! Near the aquarium, there was a shark cage that we had fun in!

Look at that silly, silly boy!

Our caged family!

Paxton and Daddy crawled into one of the tanks and were able to see crabs up close! {And he waved at me while he was in there…so precious!}

And this is where our photo taking just ended…halfway through the Ocean Journey building. I suppose we got so wrapped up in having fun that we just forgot to take pictures!

We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to going back in 6 months or so, Paxton should have even more fun then!!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Adorable photos! Looks like so much fun!

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