Trip to East Tennessee

This Thursday we left around lunch time and headed to visit John David’s family! We stopped on the way and visited Jill a few hours and then continued the journey. We arrived around 8:00 eastern and had a yummy dinner of Buffalo Dip (made with wild turkey John David’s dad killed a few weeks ago!)

Friday we went with Annette (Mom) to The Pizza Parlor and had Pepperoni Mushroom Pizza! Yum! (This is my favorite place to eat in Jonesborough…we try to go every time we are up there!) Then we went to Mr. K’s used books to shopping. Annette had some credit there and wanted me to get a few books! I was in heaven in this store!! There were books everywhere…I do believe I could stay in the store for hours just looking at everything! We did end up browsing about an hour! I found a few children’s books & Karen Kingsbury books! That stop was like Christmas to me! ¬†We then went to Lifeway to look around where we heard a man trying out a song track, he had headphones on and was singing…LOUD (and not so great!) We all had a huge laugh after we got out of the store!!

Saturday I went and visited with John David’s grandparents while John David worked with David (Dad) on one of their tractors. I enjoyed spending time with Mamaw, she gave me a French Bread recipe which I am anxious to try, sewing books, and some plants! Around 3:00 we left and went to John David’s cousins wedding which was at 6:00. The wedding was an outdoor wedding and everything was beautiful! We left the wedding around 7:30 eastern time and arrived home around 10:30 central time! We had a wonderful weekend spending time with family!
Children’s books from Annette, most of these were John David’s when he was little!

My books from Mr. K’s…a Little House Birthday, 365 Bible Stories, I Kissed Dating Goodbye (we read and reread Boy Meets Girl while we were dating and I wanted to have this one too!), and 3 Karen Kingsbury books…I am almost finished with A Time to Dance!

Mint, sage, basil, and oregano from Mamaw & Annette!

Hay and tobacco stakes from the farm for our garden!

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