Trip to Chickamauga

Saturday we went to Chickamauga National Military Park. The day was gorgeous and it was nice to take a day trip as a family and enjoy the outdoors! We started off touring the visitors center and watching a film about the battle (I just love watching films at National Parks!) Paxton was so good during the whole film too!

Once we finished the visitors center tour we took off on a driving tour of the park. We got out at a few stops and looked at some of the monuments.

Paxton rode in the stroller while we looked at monuments at the very first tour stop! He seems to like his comfy stroller!

About halfway through the tour we stopped and had a picnic lunch in the back of our SUV while Paxton napped. Lunch consisted of homemade chicken salad on homemade whole wheat bread with Wheat Thins and Sweet Tea for John David and water for me! Everything was delicious!

Then we got out and looked around some more! Paxton rode in the Peanut Shell Sling (and passed time looking around and playing with mama’s necklace!)

One of the tallest monuments in the park is a lookout tower, which I was excited about climbing! Unfortunately it was closed due to wasps so we were unable to go up on the tower (we’ll have to go back next year!). (I love this photo that John David took of a portion of the tower!)

Since the setting was gorgeous, we took pictures of the half-birthday boy! He loved the hay! In fact he loved it so much, this is the only picture ( out of 50 or so) that he was looking at the camera! He studied the hay and eventually tried to eat it!

The boys matched in their red and white striped shirts!

Enjoying the hay with daddy!

Attacking mamas necklace!

We had a lovely day at Chickamauga!!

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  1. peggyhughes says:

    You all are such a precious family! Paxton just gets cuter and more precious with each passing day!

  2. Lori W. says:

    These are precious! Thanks for sharing!

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