Trimming the Tree

On December 1 we put on some Christmas tunes, gave Paxton his Christmas present from us, assembled the Christmas tree and hung ornaments! It was a wonderful time with our little family!

We put Paxton in his Christmas jammies! He’s showing off one of his new talents…clapping!

Paxton’s present from us is the Little People Nativity! We decided to give it to him now so we can all enjoy it during the Christmas season!

He was intrigued!

I told him about baby Jesus and then handed him to Paxton, he approved!

Bringing down the stable!

Munching on plastic hay!

We let Paxton put the star on our tree this year!

He did a fabulous job with a little help from daddy!

He really liked the star!

Our beautiful tree! It only has about 5 breakable ornaments on it this year and they are all towards the top! So far Paxton has not been interested in the tree!

After all the decorating was completed! (And I am covered in baby drool!)

3 Responses to “Trimming the Tree”

  1. Pat says:

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time!! Great pictures and I love his Christmas Jammies. Love, Aunt Pat



  3. Sarah says:

    Cute photos! Love the nativity scene.

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