Too Much Love

We’re back! After 4 days of visiting family and 2 days of recovering from our trip, we’re getting back in the swing of things! This little man had a little too much love and has been very clingy, I couldn’t hardly leave him Friday and Saturday. Thankfully today he was better, he just wanted somebody giving him attention!

After church Paxton took a long nap and then we put him back in his cloth diapers and that’s all he wore the rest of the day! Notice his “play mat”? His daddy likes to let him be “free” which today meant a loose fitting Gerber prefold which he soaked and his play mat along with it! I’m thankful it’s washable! It’s currently drying so it’ll be ready for tomorrow!

He’s becoming more interactive with his toys. He especially likes his new teether from his Aunt Loretta! It’s bright and has hard and soft beads to chew!

Chomping down! He’s so cute when he chews it!

Living the good life!

Hopefully I’ll post¬†regularly¬†this week (for you wonderful grandparents!) Just know when I’m not posting frequently I’m either really busy, taking an online break or enjoying quality family time!

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  1. Sarah says:

    He is so sweet. I love his hair. Hope you have a good week.

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