Time for Dress Up

We spent this morning playing dress up (otherwise known as the bi-weekly baby clothes sorting!) I am thrilled to share that only one sleeper was too small and everything else still fits! I must admit that I’m happy he’s slowing down a little bit! He’s wearing 6-9 month onesies and rompers and 3-6 months pants right now! He’s been right on track age wise with his bottoms since birth but he’s been wearing “a size up” onesies and rompers because his torso is so long! (I’m hoping his torso growth will slow down and that his legs will get a little longer since they’re still short and that he’ll “even out”! Who knows…)

I took some pictures of the process and I even tried some of his fall clothes on him as I inventoried them (they are too big but he’s got over a month to grow but he’s still cute in the clothes!)

Love his “Mommy Loves Me” outfit from his great grandma! (I thought this onesie was going to be too small since he’s been wearing it about 2 months now but it still fits!!)

Looking absolutely adorable in his white tee and jeans!

Our handsome little dude!

What do you think of his new “do”?

This one is still way too big but it is absolutely precious!! The 9 month Polo shirt is from his grandmother (that she picked up at a yard sale!) His 6-12 month khakis are from Old Navy that I picked up at a thrift store for $3.50 and they look like men’s pants!

New jammies he’s grown into from his great grandma! (These jammies are 6-9 months and it’s hard to believe he can wear them! I remember thinking how big they were when I received them!)

He’s learning to count thanks to his grandpa! One…


Four…(we’ll tell him later that three is after two and before four!! ha ha!!) I love this outfit so I’m glad there’s still plenty of room in it! Hopefully it will still fit him in October (and hopefully it will cool down enough to wear a thermal onesie and overalls in September!)

Looking like a big boy in his plaid shorts and polo shirt!

Cute little cowboy romper, it’s a little bit but still cute!

2 Responses to “Time for Dress Up”

  1. David says:

    He is smart, I've taught him to count…..Papaw

  2. Molly says:

    His hair is great! How cute. 🙂

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