Three Months

Yesterday Paxton was 3 months old! He’s changed so much over this last month!

This month’s milestones:

  • He’s holding his head up!
  • The past 3 days he’s been enjoying his tummy time! This past Wednesday he held his head up more than 5 minutes continuously!
  • Wearing 6-9 month onesies & rompers (can squeeze into some 3-6 still) and mostly wearing 0-3 bottoms still!
  • Wore his last size 1 diaper this past Thursday!
  • Still wearing Bum Genius diapers on the smallest setting.
  • Exclusively cloth diapering and loving it! He only wears disposables on Sunday to church and sometimes when we travel overnight.
  • Sleeping all night long! I feed around 10 and have him down around 10:30-10:45 now. He sleeps until 7:00-8:00 most mornings! (Some mornings I have to wake him up, especially if we are going somewhere…I think it is just wonderful that I have to wake up my 3 month old!)
  • He smiles at us all the time! He’s laughing more and more!!
  • He talks and talks and talks! He carries on conversations with us and even with himself!
  • He’s traveled to West Tennessee twice this month!

  • His baby dedication was July 4! He was just perfect for the dedication and all of his grandparents were there!
  • He’s been playing on his playmat and interacting with his toys!
  • He’s a thumb sucker! We finally gave in to it after he was sucking it through his scratch mittens! He only sucks on it when he is sleepy though.
  • We weighed and measured him yesterday and he was 14 pounds and 26 inches long! (13 pounds 4 ounces and 25 inches long at his 2 month check-up…his growth is slowing a little.)
  • He went swimming for the first time at Nannie and Grandaddy’s! He loved it!
  • He just loves his bath time! He never cries but he sure does fight when I wash under his neck! I took a bath with him this past week and he splashed his feet in the water!
  • He sits in our laps and listens when we read to him! I try to read him a few little stories everyday and we started reading Little House in the Big Woods this past week!
  • He enjoys the Moby Wrap and we bought a new sling this week and he’s doing good with a hip carry in that!
  • Has a beautiful complexion! That is one of the things I hear the most from people!
  • He is a wonderful easy baby! We’ve been so blessed!

Our little man in his Bum Genius All-in-One!!

2 Responses to “Three Months”

  1. Denise says:

    Love the pic of him holding his little head up!

  2. Pat Mullis says:

    These pictures are awesome!! It was so good seeing the three of you!

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