Three Months

Sweet little Weston was 3 months on March 22! {I took these pictures that very day but am just now posting them!}

What a joy this sweet boy is in our lives! The first two months were a bit rough but once we figured out he has a dairy intolerance {only when I drink milk} life has gotten much easier for all! He is such a happy and laid back baby!

Milestones from Two Months to Three Months:

  • Sleeping through the night!
  • Less fussy!!
  • In largest bumGenius setting.
  • Still wearing some 0-3 month clothing but mostly in 3-6 months now.
  • Started sleeping in his own crib at 10 weeks old!
  • An excellent napper.
  • Loves to snuggle and be held.
  • Laughing, cooing and smiling!
  • Adores his big brother…he smiles at Paxton more than anybody!
  • Loves to ‘talk’!
  • Thinning out a little bit since he’s getting longer but still adorably chunky!
  • Loves nursing.

Look at those lips!

Sweet baby hands!

Love, love, love the sweet baby rolls!

Laughing out loud at mama!

A nice surprised look!

Getting some love from brother!

Sweet boys in their matching diapers!

This month I think we’ve all settled into life as a family of 4! Weston is interacting with all of us and is developing a personality and since he’s not as fussy as he was the first 2 months, he’s much easier! We love this sweet boy and are so thankful he’s a part of our little family!

Weston at One Month

Weston at Two Months

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