This Past Week

I’m learning that I probably won’t ever be caught up with blogging on this site because Paxton is always doing something, I’m always snapping pictures and chasing after him, feeding him and playing with him takes up a lot of time! ¬†However, although I probably won’t be sharing daily (which I’d love to) I will try to share the highlights a few times a week!!

Here’s a reason I don’t have a lot of time to blog! Leave him for a few minutes and he finds his way under his crib! He moves FAST!

He’s still been battling the sniffles this week. There’s no fever and he’s acting normal but I’m beginning to get a little worried (I suppose that’s a new mom thing!) If he’s not better by Monday we’ll probably be heading to the doctor! (This picture was taken Wednesday before leaving for Mom’s Group!)

Wednesday afternoon he got into one of the diaper baskets! He had been playing with the ties on the basket and has pulled the wipes off but he overturned the basket and pulled things out! The only thing that scared me was the Snappi (the red thing beside him), it has some sharp edges and could have hurt him, it has been moved up!

Since the weather is just beautiful we played outside!

He loves his blocks!!

Honestly, this week has been a long week. Between his sniffles and my worrying, my sore throat, John David being gone Monday thru Wednesday and taking care of moving things like getting the baby’s medical records transferred before we can have a check-up and getting our Georgia Driver’s License! Hopefully spending time with John David this weekend will help me feel rejuvenated!!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hope he feels better. Could he be getting teeth? Every time Dustyn was teething he would get a stuffy nose. Carsyn still has his cough. I guess he will go back this week to see if his ear infection is gone.

  2. Meg says:

    You're doing great, Rachel. I am praying for you and the family (as always!)

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