This Past Week

It has been awhile since I wrote. I have been hoping I would soon finish my most recent project (a simple patchwork quilt) and write about it but I am not quite finished! I began the quilt about 2 weeks ago, I only lack the binding for 3 sides but I became very engrossed in reading Pride and Prejudice this Sunday and all sewing projects were pushed aside momentarily!! I have since finished my book but school work has picked up a bit!

Today was a very happy day! I finally received my package from Amazon. I ordered a Holman Christian Standard Bible and The Message last week and I have been eagerly awaiting my package since I ordered it! It finally arrived this afternoon, 5 minutes before I had to leave for class so I quickly opened the box, looked at my Bibles and went to class! When I got home it was like Christmas…I admired both of them and began reading The Message! John David however is still impatiently awaiting his new Behringer audio interface he ordered last week, he actually thought my package was his so he was a bit disappointed!

Classes are going good so far! We both have our first test next Friday and I am sure everything will go very well for it! I haven’t had any stress to deal with regarding school since the semester began! God has really helped me in this area, I am being diligent with my school work and he is rewarding me with a stress free life! (Which, I might add, is amazing!)

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