The Weekend

We had a lovely weekend full of family time (and mama working some too!)

Looking handsome in his loader tee! (Some days he just wears t-shirts with coordinating diapers!)


We took walks with the Moby Wrap! *I love those cheeks!*

Love his expression!! (What do you think, do we look alike?)

Paxton took naps! We thought this was too adorable! (He looks like such a big boy!)

All snuggled up sleeping on his side just like mama and daddy do!

He wore his cute little dump truck romper that he’s been wearing all summer long. Here’s the proof:

September 13, 2010

May 23, 2010

I am amazed by how much he’s grown! He doesn’t even look like the same child! He was so skinny when he was little bitty and now he is a little chunk!

Not only has he grown, he’s becoming increasingly mobile! Here he is trying to flip himself over!

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