The Past Few Days

It’s been a few days since I posted last! We’ve been busy, taking care of a baby and managing a household is hard work but I’m adjusting! (Just forgive the piles of laundry and cluttered living room if you drop in!)

Sunday after church I changed Paxton into this little romper:

I love these rompers! They honestly make dressing my baby boy fun!

Once he was dressed in his cooler clothes, I put his adorable camo sunhat on him and we walked outside to see daddy who was at our neighbors. He enjoyed the walk but not the hat (it was a little big, but it was cute!) We stayed outside (in the shade) about 20 minutes before he got hungry and we came home!

After he ate, we took a nap and had a leisurely Sunday evening!

He’s learned a new trick: blowing bubbles!

And I smiled when I found this picture John David took!! Aren’t my two men handsome?

I have no pictures for Monday and Tuesday! Monday was John David’s day off, we slept in and then he cut the grass while I did some housework and laundry (the laundry seems to be never ending these days!) Monday afternoon we went grocery shopping!

Tuesday was another day of housework and laundry and a little bit of Co-op work for me! I stayed busy all day! Around 6 we had a few of our neighbors over for wings and pizza! John David grilled amazing hot wings and bbq wings and I made a chicken alfredo pizza and a pepperoni pizza! Everything was delicious! After they left we watched the season finale of Chuck and House (which both left us in awe and ready for the fall!)

So, that’s a brief recap of the past few days around here!

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