The Past Few Days of Paxton Cuteness

We’re at that point where Paxton does so many cute things a day it’s hard to keep up with or remember! We try to take pictures of some of the things he does!

Lately he’s been obsessed with crawling into the laundry basket and just hanging out while I fold clothes! A few days ago, I had the basket of clean rags sitting in the kitchen and he crawled in and then when I ran to grab my camera, he drug his laptop into the basket with him and was having a big ole time!!

Enjoying his computer while sitting in the laundry basket! Ah, the life of a toddler!!

One night last week I brought the tubs of clothes that I’ve stashed away from fall and winter into the office (thanks to hand-me-downs, larger sized clothing gifts & a few items I’ve found on clearance we’ve just about outfitted him!) The next day I never got around to putting them back in Paxton’s closet and he used them as a bench! He climbed up there several times with books! {Before I grabbed the camera, he was leaning up against the wall with the book…it was precious!}

Then he realized there were shoes on the floor in front of him and tried to put them on!! So cute!!

Since our big storm a week ago, we’ve been going out and picking up sticks off and on  (on the days when it doesn’t rain or storm!)  Since I can’t leave him alone in the house he gets to tag along! I put him in a play bodysuit and his little tennis shoes and he looked so stinkin’ adorable I had to take a few pictures!!

I’m lovin’ the bodysuit and tennis shoes look!!

And there’s more to come…

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  1. Sarah says:

    Oh my sooo cute!

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