The Past Few Days

Here are a few pictures from the past few days:

Weston tucked into the guest bed…so cute!!

PPrecious, precious boy!

Laying on big brothers new sleeping bag, not too sure about it!

Blowing bubbles {and looking so much like brother did as a baby!}

This is how we found Paxton Saturday afternoon! He’s in Weston’s crib, sitting in the boppy, watching PBS on the iPad and eating Os! What a hard life!

Stuffing his face with Os!!

And I found Weston like this the other day! Instead of taking Weston’s socks, Paxton gave him his! Too funny!

And Paxton helped himself to art supplies and did a little coloring! Thankfully he just colored on a few envelopes and got marker on his hands and no where else!

And here I am last night blogging away with my sweet baby boy on me!

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