The Past Few Days

We’ve been busy, having fun but busy! Last Friday night we went to visit with John David’s family and arrived home late Saturday night with friends who came to visit for a few days! After our friends left Tuesday we went to visit John David’s dad while he was nearby for a meeting and yesterday was Wednesday! Whew…we love spending time with family and friends but it leaves little time for blogging!! (And I’m realizing that I am horrible about taking pictures of our mini trips and outings…I have zero of our family and friends!)

Look at our sweet little monkey! Aunt Jill gave him this sweet little outfit…love it!!

I had to snap this picture! He was in his pack-n-play after his morning nap and was just talking and laughing with spit up all over his face!!

Last night I had a mini baby photo shoot with Paxton in his sweet little romper and hat from his Aunt Diane!

He is such a happy baby!!

Look at those cheeks!!

On the move…I just love his little feet!

Then I tried to snap a few of us…hard to take while holding a squirmy 3-month-old!

I finally got both of us fully in the shot and this is a pretty accurate picture of Paxton these days with those hands in his mouth!!

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  1. Denise says:

    I love the pics! Thanks for letting me see my grandson so often. He sure seems to be growing.

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