The Past 2 Days in Pictures

Tuesday morning he was on his side when I went to greet him in the morning!

I love how relaxed he was! He is always so happy in the mornings (that is until I touch him and he suddenly remembers he is absolutely starving!)

Last night John David held him and he fell asleep in his arms! Precious! I do believe holding your sleeping child is one of the most wonderful things!

So sweet! Lately I’ve been sad about how fast he is growing (which he is!) but he is still so little, he looks really small in his daddy’s arms!

He wasn’t quite asleep, just completely comfy snuggling with Daddy!

Today we reached a big milestone…he mastered the roll! And you know what, it wasn’t captured on film nor was it even witnessed by his parents! I was working when he rolled over!!! Still it was quite exciting, I immediately called John David to celebrate when I discovered our babe on his tummy! (We have seen him roll on our bed and with a little help but he has not yet rolled on the ground…my life is slowly changing as he becomes increasingly mobile!)

After church tonight! We coordinated in green!

He’s kissing mama! (Not really but it looks that way!)

I love this sweet little boy!

So now Paxton is sleeping and I’m tired! Ready to go climb into bed, glad the sheets are clean, a little sad they’re damp (there aren’t but so many hours in a day and laundry comes second at times…)

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  1. Amy Lynne says:

    You guys are so sweet! I love all the pictures!

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