The Last Weekend

This weekend very well could be the last weekend that we are a family of two! We could be a family of three this time next week!

It’s very exciting and also somewhat sad because we are closing a chapter in our lives and that is our life before children. In May we will celebrate our 4 year anniversary so we’ve had several years to be “newlyweds” and grow in our friendship and love only focusing on each other. We are thrilled to be welcoming our baby into our lives but know that things will never be as they’ve been the past 4 years.

So with that in mind, this weekend we really just savored time spent with each other! We slept in until 10:30 Saturday morning (glorious…thankfully I’m sleeping well still!) We didn’t do too much during the day just enjoyed being together and my amazing husband finished up a project patching a hole that was above our dresser in the master bedroom!

Just last week there were 2 outlet box holes from where the previous owner had mounted a TV! The holes were centered above the mirror. John David and his dad patched it last weekend and Saturday John David sanded it down and painted it! (And then he cleaned all the dust off of everything, vacuumed and organized the room some more…I’m blessed!)

John David also set up the Pack ‘N Play in our room. We’re now prepared for baby to come home and spend the first few weeks (at night) in our room! (We plan for him to sleep in his crib during the day!) It’s exciting to see this in our room and think that in just a few days our tiny baby boy will be here!!

I had to laugh last night when John David looked at me before bed and said, “I think I nested today!” Between taking care of the wall, cleaning the room, putting up the Pack ‘N Play and doing a little cleaning in the basement he did really help feather our nest in preparation for baby!

And I’ve heard about 100 times this weekend, “are you having a contraction?” “is the baby coming?” “hurry up and have the baby!” Daddy is very excited about his son’s arrival…he feels like a kid at Christmas and I just think it’s precious!

We had a lovely Sunday too! Today was my last week to teach Sunday School, I’ll miss my kids but they have excellent new teachers for the remainder of the year which I’m so thankful for! After church we had the Simmerman family over for tacos which was fun and then we spent the afternoon watching TV! We took a walk this evening (hoping to speed up baby’s arrival) and chatted with our neighbors for an hour and a half!

We also spent time with this sweet little puppy dog! We took him on walks, played with him and gave him just a little extra attention since his little world will be rocked in a few days!

We go back to the doctor tomorrow and will see if I’m any further dilated and also make a decision whether or not to induce this week!

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