The First Few Days of Daddy Being Gone

Here is our family last Monday as we were making preparations for John David to leave for Ethiopia! We took this picture so he could bring a current picture of his family with him! It turned out pretty good (anytime Paxton is looking at the camera in a family shot is good!)

Paxton has mastered the art of climbing into the rocking chair! It’s quite cute watching him get up there and then he rocks himself!

Such a big boy!!

Getting fussy…this child is not too cooperative when it comes to taking pictures!

Being silly…love that tongue!!He’s done…ready to get down!

Last Friday I gave him his straw sippy cup for the first time and he loved it! He’s mastered the art of drinking out of a straw and it is so cute! I just adore this picture of him!!

He was clutching the cup…

So adorable!

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