The First Blowout

Today was an eventful day but a good day. Every type of “accident” a baby can have happened and we went through several outfits!

Paxton after his 7 a.m. feeding. This was his last newborn diaper, he is now wearing size 1 which is a good thing because he had a blowout in this very diaper! He had a poo explosion and it got all over his back and gown!

Due to the blowout, he had to have a bath! We took a quick bath together, he seemed to enjoy the water and didn’t cry when he was washed (he usually hates bath time)!

Wrapped up all snug in his hooded towel!

I love these homemade hooded towels, they are much better than thin baby towels! (He was so snug he didn’t even cry from being cold!) I was given this towel from a lady from church and two like them from Amy!

Once I dried Paxton off, I put on his small Bum Genius diaper and started dressing him. I don’t think I tightened the diaper enough, when I picked him up his romper was all wet! So that was accident number two!

Then I dressed him in another romper and wrapped him up in the Moby Wrap! I wore him in the Moby over an hour and was able to do some laundry and start on some transcribing for work.

I put him down for a nap after lunch and when I went in to check on him he had spit up all over the side of his romper so I changed him again! He managed to keep his last outfit free of poo, pee and spit up!

Once daddy got home, Paxton spent some time with him and then Mommy read to him after he nursed at 8! It was adorable…he was lying on my chest and had his eyes open and looking at the pictures in the book! He has been much more responsive today with us which is exciting for Mommy and Daddy!

Then we got dressed for bed! I put a 0-3 month sleeper on him tonight…his farm sleeper from John David’s cousin Emily! It is so cute!

He is a good baby but not a perfect baby…here he is crying while daddy was trying to get a good shot of him (he is so cute even crying!)

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