The Boys

Paxton and Weston received a package in the mail from Mimi last week! Inside were new hats! Paxton loved them both..he loves hats! He insisted on wearing his and kept it on inside for at least 30 minutes!

One cute, cute little boy!

Eating a snack…this boy is always eating these days!

So sweet!!

And baby brother has been doing a lot of sleeping…we think he’s going through a growth spurt every other day! He’s changing almost daily and losing his newborn look.

Sweet, sweet, sweet sleeping boy! We love this little one so much!

3 Responses to “The Boys”

  1. Kelly says:

    Your boys are so precious!

    Thanks for your comment about matching outfits! I figured if I'm going to do it, I should do it before Levi outgrows 18 month size.

  2. witria zuliani says:

    hello im wiwit from Indonesia. I really liked your blog , I hope I can have a family that is very harmonious and charming as you, though I was only 16 years old now and already has a dream for the future haha your blog is very cool . I say hi to Paxton and Weston, they are very cute and adorable. you are a very lucky woman 🙂

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