The Beginning of June

Some pictures from this month:

Paxton eating breakfast in mama’s bed. He looks so cozy under the covers!

One happy baby! He’s enjoying the mess his brother created!

Brotherly love!

Paxton loves coloring and he loves being outside so it’s hard to beat coloring outside!

Love this grumpy face!

Paxton tells me what to write or draw. He loves having me write names!

Our Weston man is quite the little drooler. One evening we got him out of the high chair {we sit him in his high chair while we eat since eating is social!} and there literally was a puddle in the bottom. It was all drool…ick! He got a quick sink bath!

The beginning of June was unseasonably cool. We had cool days and rainy days. I just had to take a picture of John David when he came home on June 10th in Georgia wearing a fleece jacket! Who would have thought?!?

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