Tennessee Tech Football Game

On November 20 we went to the last Tennessee Tech football game to watch Jill cheer!! I found an adorable onesie a few months ago that said “My Auntie is #1” in purple so Paxton wore that to watch his aunt cheer!!

Hanging out before the game!

Go Tech!

Paxton watching Aunt Jill cheer!

We enjoyed the game! We’re both Tech grads and it was fun to have our son attend his first football game there!

Awesome and Jill

Jill and Allison

Paxton took a long nap in his grandmother and Sarah’s arms. He was just waking up here!

Paxton enjoyed cheering! He did pretty well making some cheering motions! (Notice the “mittens”? Extra socks make great baby mittens in a pinch!)

Go Tech go!!

John David, Paxton and Grandmother!

We had a lovely time at the game and Tech won!!

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