Ten Months

Last week (on the 16th) Paxton was 10 months old! He’s really no longer a baby but is more like a little boy. It is simply wonderful watching him grow and learn!

This month’s milestones:

*Cruising & walking with us. He is a professional cruiser these days and holds onto our hands and takes a few steps. He’s not quite brave enough to take any steps by himself though!

*Standing for 15 seconds! If we put him in the floor, he’ll sometimes stand for 10-15 seconds before realizing he is standing up by himself and decide to sit down! It’s quite funny to watch, I suppose he’s just not ready to walk.

*A professional crawler! This kid can move fast! I love watching him crawl around so much. In fact, I’ll be a little sad when he does start walking because crawling babies are so adorable!

*Talking! ‘Dada’ was the word for a few weeks. He is making a ‘ba’ sound and ‘ma’ sounds too! I’m looking forward to mama!

*Still signing ‘more’ and ‘milk’! His favorite sign of course is ‘milk’!

*He’s eating just about everything we eat! Since we’ve been eating much healthier (more vegetables) he eats dinner along with us most of the time!

*Still nursing! We’re slowly weaning though, he is nursing about every 4-5 hours during the day and there have been many days when he’ll go about 6 hours.

*Teething. Thanks to this he’s been up during the night quite a bit and nursing during the night but we’ll get through it! It looks like his top teeth are going to make an appearance sometime soon!

*Bedtime is around 7:30-8:00. We’ve started a bedtime routine and read him his “Go to Bed Book” almost every night!

*Wearing 12 month clothes these days and has a few 18 month items in his wardrobe!

*Bum Genius Diapers are on the second setting but we’ll be moving them to the third setting very soon. He does wear them on the third setting at night since it’s stuffed with 2 doublers!

*When he wears disposables (twice a week to church) he wears a size 4. {We’ve mastered cloth diapering on the go! Love the savings!}

*Still loves pulling books off of our bookshelves! Other favorites include going through bags and drawers! Fun times!

*Mastered drinking out of a sippy cup!

*Makes huge messes! I’m amazed at the size mess that someone so small can make!

*Taking naps most days! He usually takes a 10:30 morning nap and a 2:00-3:00 afternoon nap! Nap time is nice for mama!

*Needs to be watched almost all the time! {That’s one reason why I’m posting less…it takes about 5 seconds for him to get into something!}

* Plays quite well by himself at times! He’ll “read” and play with his baby lap top and stuffed animals or pull diapers off of the changing table! Of course at other times he wants to be held constantly!

*Comes a runnin’ (via crawling of course) when he hears me open the laundry closet! He loves, loves, loves turning the knobs! It’s adorable!!

*Loves bath time! He just splishes and splashes! He also enjoys having his hands washed in the sink!

*Needs a haircut! His hair has gotten long! I really wanted to wait until he was 1 before we got it cut but now I’m trying to just wait until he’s walking. I know once we cut it he is going to look like such a big boy!

100% Boy!!

Mr. Adventure!

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  1. Sarah says:

    So adorable!! He is getting so big!

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