Ten Months


Weston was 10 months on October 22 {here are his milestone from 9 to 10 months}:

  • Cut 3 new teeth. The top middle two and a right top tooth.
  • Cruising.
  • Standing up on his own without pulling up and standing for 1 minute or so.

  • Becoming very friendly. He’s now charming people everywhere we go.
  • He let’s us know (by growling!) when he’s not happy.
  • Clapping.

  • Can build a 2 block tower.
  • Loves knocking towers over (frustrates his brother.)
  • Is very curious. He tries to get in unlocked cabinets any chance he has and loves the toilet. We’re keeping the bathroom doors closed at all times.

  • Nursing every 3-4 hours still.
  • Still nursed to sleep every night and is not a napper.
  • Wearing mostly 12 month clothes.
  • Playing with his brother and starting to ‘fight’ over toys.

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