Taking it Easy

We had a lovely visit with Nannie and Grandaddy! (These pictures are from Friday, I took a lot, these are just some of my favorites!)

Paxton wearing his new “Grandma loves me” onesie I found at the thrift store in town! It looks brand new and was only $2!!

Caught in the act!! He looks so precious when he’s sucking his thumb!

Pulling and trying to chew on my hair…ow! (I’m thinking about getting my hair cut again because he grabs it at least 5 times a day!)

Self photography!!

When I had my camera out Emerson wasn’t in the best mood but she’s still cute! I’m amazed how much she’s grown and at her teeth, she has a mouth full!

Wearing outfit number two for the day!! I love what this onesie says!!

Cute little man with precious little feet!!

We didn’t do much on Friday, just spent time with Mom, Dad, Beka, Emerson, and my grandparents. My mom was sore and spent most of the day resting and we all just took it easy (except my dad who detailed my car…it looks fabulous!!)

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