February 7-13

I haven’t updated on this blog in a while so here is a post full of pictures of the boys from February 7-13!

Wearing sweet Weston! He loves this carrier and so do I!

Our sweet little farmer! He love wearing his hat these days {since daddy wears a hat all the time!}

Running! Love it!

He’s also big into helping daddy! He received a hammer from his Aunt Pam for Christmas and he loves using his ‘ham’ outside in the shop! John David has created him a board with nails in it {that he can’t get out} for him to hammer on! And of course, he’s supervised when he’s in the shop! It’s precious watching him trying to be just like daddy!

Sweet little helper!

Little Weston is quite the chunk these days! He looks so chunky in this shot…I just love it!

Sweet baby smiles!

Paxton has quite the appetite these days so I decided to take pictures of his lunch so I could see exactly how much this boy puts away! Here’s round 1!

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

I was amazed at how much he ate!

2 peanut butter crackers

3 apple slices

3 baby carrots

5 cubes of cheese

1 banana

5 chips

handful of trail mix

We might have to up the grocery budget soon!

Weston was given his first bottle on the 13th! He did a pretty good job taking it!

This is one of my favorite pictures! We found Paxton looking like he had a goatee after he got into a box of chocolate and helped himself to a piece! Love this expression!

The Boys

Paxton and Weston received a package in the mail from Mimi last week! Inside were new hats! Paxton loved them both..he loves hats! He insisted on wearing his and kept it on inside for at least 30 minutes!

One cute, cute little boy!

Eating a snack…this boy is always eating these days!

So sweet!!

And baby brother has been doing a lot of sleeping…we think he’s going through a growth spurt every other day! He’s changing almost daily and losing his newborn look.

Sweet, sweet, sweet sleeping boy! We love this little one so much!

One Month

Weston was one month on the 22nd! He’s beyond precious, growing so fast and we can’t imagine life without him!

I had his one month ‘photo shoot’ a few days later and managed to capture some sweet images of our precious boy!

He’s getting to be a chunk! He weighed 10 pounds 13 ounces at his one month check up! {He was 6 pounds 14 ounces at birth so he gained nearly 4 pounds in just one month…wow!}

He’s quite the serious little man!

Milestones from newborn to one month:

  • Nursing every two hours
  • Growing out of newborn size clothes and into 0-3 months
  • Wearing bumGenius diapers on the smallest setting with a regular insert {he’s a heavy wetter!}
  • Holding up his head for a minute at a time and sometimes even longer
  • Weighs 10 pounds 13 ounces and is 22 inches long
  • In the 90th percentile for height and weight
  • Loves staring at large shapes {he loves the star over our bed and the gallery wall in the living room}
  • Still waking every 2-3 hours at night to nurse

Sweet chubby cheeks

Brothers in their bumGenius diapers! Cloth diapering two is going pretty good, I feel like I’m doing laundry all the time but we’re saving lots of money though {and lots of trash!}

I love this picture, the boys have several of the same features! Their eyes are shaped the same, their noses are just alike and their top lips have a similar shape! And Weston weighs just 2 ounces more than Paxton did at one month and he’s built just like Paxton as an infant {long torso and short legs!}


Firsts for Weston

Weston was 1 month on Sunday and to celebrate, he wore jeans and shoes for the first time!! He wears cotton pants all the time {because they are much more comfy} but these baby jeans are just downright precious so I had to put him in them!! They are hand me downs from Paxton and they’re so adorable! These are soft soled shoes that look just like big brothers shoes so again, just too cute to resist!

Starting to get a personality!

Look at that chub! {And he looks incredibly fat but he’s really not…it’s the cloth diapers, he’s in bumGenius with the regular insert now and they’re quite bulky on him! We put him in a ‘sposie yesterday to go to the doctor and he felt so skinny!}

Sweet little Weston looking stylish like big brother!

This is not his first bath but it is his first tub bath! The infant tub we had with Paxton is much harder to use in our bathroom and there’s nowhere to store it so we decided to give tub bathing a try and it’s actually so much easier! There were no tears, he loves the bath, he only cried when I got him out!!

A Glimpse Into Our Day

We began our day around 8:30. That’s right, both boys slept until then! Paxton woke up around 7:00 and John David gave him his milk and brought him to our bed. After his midnight feeding, Weston was up at 3:30, 6:00 and 8:30 {which was an easy night for mama compared to some we’ve had!} I am hoping that since this boy is now 4 weeks old, he’ll be sleeping for longer stretches!

After I dressed everybody {minus John David…he was gone by this point!} I took pictures of our 4-week-old! He was quite serious for his little photo shoot! He’s too cute though!

Love this little expression! And he looks so chunky….thanks in part to cloth diapers {& lots of milk!}

When I nurse Weston, Paxton is always close by, he brings toys and books to me and sometimes I’ll let him play on the iPad! We were sitting across the room and Paxton was chilling on the bed!

This afternoon, I found Weston sock-less! I put socks on my sweet baby but the resident sock thief stole them…

Apparently the little sock thief needed some mittens! He wore his brothers socks as mittens for at least 30 minutes! Too funny!!

Pretending to cook!

Paxton loves his brother! He wants to hold him and he’ll often go lay down beside him. It’s so sweet…this moment was much sweeter in person, Paxton wouldn’t stay still so I could take a picture!

After dinner, I decided to be a fun mom and broke out the finger paints that Paxton received from his Mimi for Christmas! The moment I pulled them out, he was intrigued and as soon as I squirted some onto the plate, his fingers were in the paint!

Look at that sweet smile! He really enjoyed painting!

He had a big time!!

Loving finger painting! We’ll be doing this more often!

Since Weston was still napping after we were finished painting, Paxton and I took a bath and then we read our nighttime Bible story and prayed. I really enjoyed the one on one time with my big boy!

And as I was getting Paxton ready for bed, he told me he colored with his hands {in toddler language of course}! Gosh, I love being his mama!

Once Paxton was asleep, I did 30 minutes of transcribing and then nursed Weston and then John David arrived home.

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