Three Months

Sweet little Weston was 3 months on March 22! {I took these pictures that very day but am just now posting them!}

What a joy this sweet boy is in our lives! The first two months were a bit rough but once we figured out he has a dairy intolerance {only when I drink milk} life has gotten much easier for all! He is such a happy and laid back baby!

Milestones from Two Months to Three Months:

  • Sleeping through the night!
  • Less fussy!!
  • In largest bumGenius setting.
  • Still wearing some 0-3 month clothing but mostly in 3-6 months now.
  • Started sleeping in his own crib at 10 weeks old!
  • An excellent napper.
  • Loves to snuggle and be held.
  • Laughing, cooing and smiling!
  • Adores his big brother…he smiles at Paxton more than anybody!
  • Loves to ‘talk’!
  • Thinning out a little bit since he’s getting longer but still adorably chunky!
  • Loves nursing.

Look at those lips!

Sweet baby hands!

Love, love, love the sweet baby rolls!

Laughing out loud at mama!

A nice surprised look!

Getting some love from brother!

Sweet boys in their matching diapers!

This month I think we’ve all settled into life as a family of 4! Weston is interacting with all of us and is developing a personality and since he’s not as fussy as he was the first 2 months, he’s much easier! We love this sweet boy and are so thankful he’s a part of our little family!

Weston at One Month

Weston at Two Months

Sweet Little Outfit

Our sweet boy in one of my favorite baby outfits! We received this one for Paxton and he wore it a lot and Weston has worn it several times too! It’s getting small on Weston now so I took a few pictures of him in it.

Sweet baby feet!

With big brother!! Paxton sure loves his little brother!

One of the few recent pictures of me with Weston. I am pretty good at taking pictures of the boys but I often forget to get pictures with John David and me with them!

And for fun, both boys in the outfit:

Sweet little Paxton at 6 weeks 2 days! {He looks like such a skinny baby to me now since Weston is such a chunk!!}

And sweet baby Weston at 12 weeks 3 days! I’m amazed at the differences of my children, Paxton grew out of this outfit around 7 or 8 weeks and Weston still fits in it at 12 weeks even though he’s a bigger baby…Paxton had such a long torso that one piece outfits didn’t fit him long but Weston is chunkier and shorter!




Beautiful Weather

The past few weeks, the weather has been absolutely beautiful and we’ve been outside a lot enjoying flowering in bloom, watching our chickens, gardening and all the wonderful things that come with spring!

Sweet Paxton loves flowers!!

It’s been wonderful to get this little guy out some. We typically play while he’s napping or I wear him but it’s fun to bring a quilt out and let him enjoy being outside. {And I thought having a December baby was horrible but it’s really nice, now that the weather is warming up, he’s old enough to be outside with us! Paxton was an April baby and we pretty much stayed inside all spring and summer when he was teeny.}

Look at that serious look from such a little person!

He’s holding his head up like such a big boy!!

I adore his sweet little baby hair!!

While I was snapping pictures of Weston, Paxton was having a blast playing around this tree.

It is so much fun watching him and his imagination! A stick or a pinecone, coupled with the imagination of an almost 2 year old, becomes many fun things…who needs toys?!

Belly bumping the tree…so happy I captured this moment!

Playing with pinecones.

And the best shot I could get of the boys together…photographing 2 little ones is hard work!

The Rest of February

Now that’s it’s nearly mid-March, I’m wrapping up February on this blog! I just get behind! These pictures are from the 20th to 29th!

While ironing one day, I propped Weston up on the Boppy and he fell asleep…precious!!

Sweet, sweet little baby!

Weston was napping and Paxton was playing on the iPad and I knocked out the ironing!

I put Paxton in one of our old slings just to see if he would fit and he did! He immediately put his head on my shoulder and seemed quite cozy!

Love his grumpy face!

Having fun with the toddler in the sling!

He hijacked my boots and was stompin’ around in them!

Walking so good in mamas big boots!

Brothers…matching! I love it!

Sweet, sweet boys!

Sweet chunky little Weston!!

Paxton put macaroni in his hair one night. It was funny so I had to take a picture so I could look back and laugh but I was not happy at the moment. Macaroni & cheese is hard to get out of hair…especially the hair of a toddler who hates having his hair washed, not fun!

One night hanging out with us before bedtime…before he move to his crib.

My sweet little baby!! And notice his awesome hairline?!?!

I love the back of his sweet little head and that long hair on the bottom!

Two Months

Weston was 2 months old on February 22! {The day these pictures were taken!}

He’s getting to be such a big boy, holding his head up very well, smiling and cooing!

He’s quite chunky…here are his sweet back rolls, love them!

Milestones from One Month to Two Months:

  • Nursing every 2-3 hours
  • Wearing 0-3 month clothing
  • Wearing bumGenius diapers on medium setting
  • Holding his head up very well
  • Weighs 13 pounds 13 ounces
  • In the 95th percentile for weight & 75th for height
  • Is a hard burper and has belly aches frequently. He’ll cry and cry and cry and there’s nothing we can do but  hold him.
  • First real smiles at 5 weeks old!
  • If his belly doesn’t hurt, he’s smiling and cooing. {And it’s beyond precious!}
  • Typically only waking once during the night to nurse, occasionally not at all! {Yippee!!}

Brother!! Oh how I love these two! They’re beginning to interact a little bit and it’s so much fun to watch.

Our chunky little man!

And I love the thick hair on the back of his  head! And more rolls!

Weston at One Month

Paxton at Two Months

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