Our pool was ready to swim in this weekend…and it was nice and warm so we all enjoyed the first official swim of 2012 in the Boreing pool!

Sweet Weston was ready to swim wearing all of brothers hand me downs…and looking super cute!!

Paxton and Daddy swimming! The water was quite chilly but not too cold. Weston and I got in too. We did keep Weston above the water most of the time, only dipping his little legs in.

Somebody is so excited about swimming!

Trying to look serious…

Our little water baby! We draped a towel over a corner of the deck and let him hang out in the shade some.

I snapped these pictures Sunday before church since we had some extra time {this mama was 30 minutes early to church – woo hoo!)

Paxton loving brother…so sweet!

And I consider this picture a success these days, they’re both looking at the camera and no objects or body parts are obstructing faces! Of course Weston looks a little goofy and Paxton looks mean but I celebrate the small successes! 🙂

Swimming with My Boy



We haven’t taken many pictures in of us in our pool this summer, mainly because it’s not easy to juggle towels, a toddler and a camera (that we don’t want to get wet!) Before John David got in the pool Wednesday night, he snapped a few of me and Paxton since we have none together! {I took at lot of John David and Paxton the day Paxton went for his first swim of the summer!}


Love this shot of my sweet boy! He looks so big in his baby float! {He’s grown so much since his very first swim last summer in my parent’s pool!}


I always said that I’d never have a pool when I bought a house because they are a lot of work but this salt water pool isn’t too much work {thankfully John David does most of it too!} It is completely worth the work and money it takes to keep it up because it is so much fun to go swimming anytime you want to!
Giggling at daddy!!


First Swim

We enjoyed our first family swim Sunday afternoon! The water was a little chilly but that didn’t matter one bit to Paxton! He loved it…as we expected!

He loves climbing on the ladder!

And he loves being in the water!

More climbing! Right now, he’d probably spent 100% of his swim time climbing in and out of the pool if mama and daddy would let him!

Sweet boy!

I think he’s having fun!

Enjoying the swim with dad! {He does not like being on his back or leaning forward too far and as of right now, he can’t balance himself at all even with his little floaty suit so we carry him around!}

Attempting a swim! We were able to get him to kick his legs a little bit!

Looking like such a big boy!

We’re very excited about our pool and know we’re going to have hours of cool family fun this summer!

My He’s Changed

It’s finally warm enough to swim and our pool is open! Yay! Paxton has several swimming suits which is funny to me since he’s so little and growing so fast and mama and daddy only have one each! (Although we really should get at least another suit since we’re swimming almost everyday…)

Anyways, one of this years suits is a pair of swim shorts that he wore last year! Since he’s so skinny they still fit (of course they were a little big last year!)

I have to share the comparison:

Look at that itty bitty baby! He was only 3 months here! Of course, I am amazed that he can still wear the same bottoms 10 months later! And the hair, he looks just about bald! I’m absolutely amazed at how much more hair he has!

One handsome little man ready to splish and splash in the water!

One more shot of the little guy! Of course he really wasn’t all that little….Emerson was 13 months and he is only 3 months and there is about a 3 inch height difference!


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