Keeping Us Entertained


I’ve not been blogging much lately but I’ve been taking pictures these past few weeks! Here are some of Paxton’s latest antics:


This was after our date a few weeks ago. We got home around 10 or so, he had spent the evening with friends who have an 8 and 4 year old and he was so tired. We laid him on the couch, gave him his bottle and he just looked so comfy!


I walked in our room one day to find Paxton sitting on the floor on the iPad. He loves the iPad! I thought it was so cute!!


While we were listening to music, Paxton went to his room and brought his buckets one by one into the office. Then he went and got a spoon and started drumming along with the music!


Our little drummer! He loves, loves, loves music!!



A self portrait of mama and Paxton!! 


Paxton loves getting in our closet, he pulled out this shirt of his daddy’s and wanted to put it on so daddy put it on him!!


Look at that smile!! So stinkin’ sweet!!


And here’s today’s antics:


I walked in his room to discover toys in his crib. 


He had emptied his toy bucket completely! I suppose he threw his toys in one by one!!And then a little later, he had added to the crib stash! Too funny!!

There’s never, ever a dull moment in our home and I know it’s about to get even more exciting around here!!


The Little Climber


Having an 18 month old means there’s never really a dull moment {at least when he’s awake!} Last week Paxton figured out how to climb up on our guest bed. Oh boy! 


He was quite proud of himself!


Climbing up is easy but getting down is a little trickier!! He hung here for a minute or two!


Makes for funny pictures! And look at that fluffy bum!!I know he’s thinking, mama, stop taking pictures and help me!

And since these were taken, he’s not mastered both getting up and getting down…the boy is quick!




Paxton’s nap schedule has gotten crazy since he’s been cutting his molars. He went from a nap at 10 and 2 to no naps or a nap around 3 or 4. To say the least it’s been a bit challenging however I always put him down around 10 and 2, trying to keep up the consistency in hopes that once this round of teething is over he’ll start napping again! Thankfully he doesn’t scream and cry the whole time he’s in his crib. Instead, he has a big ole time!


This particular day I heard all kinds of commotion to find him running all around the crib! He’d taken off his socks and his pants and threw his blankets and babies out of the bed! I snapped a few pictures real quick of him in action!


The baby head stand…he spotted me!


Happy to see mama!

Of course he really was tired. I put his socks and pants back on, grabbed a blanket and his paci and rocked him in the chair in our room. In a few minutes he was out! After he’d been sleeping for a few minutes, I put him down on our bed and within 3 minutes he was up. I went and picked him up and he pointed back to the chair so I just sat him in it. In a minute, he was sound asleep again:He slept like this for nearly an hour! Propped up in the chair! So stinkin’ sweet!


Naptime Antics


During the past few weeks Paxton’s nap schedule has been changing. He has been taking 2 naps (around 10 and 2)  but has gone to taking one nap if I’m lucky and many days no nap! The one saving grace, the fact that when I put him down for a nap, he typically is content playing in his crib! {I’m so thankful he doesn’t stay in there screaming and crying.}

As you can imagine, a child in a crib for an hour with only a teddy bear, a baby doll, a blanket, a bottle and a sippy cup gets creative as far as entertaining himself!

The new trick:




Trying out the one shoulder look! The past 2 days now I’ve discovered him after “nap time” {aka, play time in the crib} just like this! It’s hilarious! 


Our silly boy!

His other recent form of entertainment lately, taking off his socks and chewing on them! Yuck! I’ve been finding him sock-less with damp socks on the floor after naps!! Seriously, there is never a dull or non-entertaining moment in our home, I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s going to be like with 2!


Our Little Explorer

Paxton loves being outside! I suppose most little boys do! When we put on his shoes to go outside, he just lights up and has a blast exploring the world around him in our yard!

Lately he’s been into rocks! We have a paved driveway but there are some spots with some gravel and he loves examining the little rocks! 

He looked so cute exploring with his little boots on!

He found some sticks outside while looking around! {Sticks make wonderful drum sticks for little boys!}

Marching around with his “drum sticks”!

And he found flowers!! They might be dandelions but he loves them!

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