Babywearing with Weston

How I love wearing my sweet babies, holding them close to me!

Since I have two children, slings and wraps are even more important! I’ve been able to manage both kids by myself out of the house fairly easily thanks to my sling and wrap! (Something I was scared of and didn’t think I’d be able to do for several months!)

A little self portrait…Weston looks teeny tiny, he’s growing so fast I want to remember this short season! {And excuse the messy background, that’s real life with a toddler and newborn!}

Swimming with My Boy



We haven’t taken many pictures in of us in our pool this summer, mainly because it’s not easy to juggle towels, a toddler and a camera (that we don’t want to get wet!) Before John David got in the pool Wednesday night, he snapped a few of me and Paxton since we have none together! {I took at lot of John David and Paxton the day Paxton went for his first swim of the summer!}


Love this shot of my sweet boy! He looks so big in his baby float! {He’s grown so much since his very first swim last summer in my parent’s pool!}


I always said that I’d never have a pool when I bought a house because they are a lot of work but this salt water pool isn’t too much work {thankfully John David does most of it too!} It is completely worth the work and money it takes to keep it up because it is so much fun to go swimming anytime you want to!
Giggling at daddy!!


The Bulldozer Romper

This is a completely silly mama moment but I just had to share!

Last spring before Paxton was born I realized that you can dress baby boy’s in cute clothes! A romper allows you to do this! I fell in love with little rompers because they were so cute (not to mention they are practical because they are a 1 piece outfit, plus they have to be more comfortable for baby since there is no waistband!)

Anyways, I used one of our gift cards to purchase this plaid bulldozer romper in a size 3 months because I thought it was just the cutest thing ever! I loved him wearing it (and somehow I didn’t get any pictures of just him in his precious bulldozer romper!)

Well, at the end of the summer last year, I just so happened to find these bulldozer rompers on clearance for $5 or so! So I bought one in size 18 months (with another gift card!) and kept my fingers crossed that he’d be able to wear it this year!

Here he is this year wearing his bulldozer romper! It is my favorite summertime outfit he has this year too! There is just something about the plaid and the sweet bulldozer that is so cute!!

So stinkin’ cute!!

So now, I’m just hoping if we have a boy this time, that he will be able to fit into these rompers so I can see them again next summer and the year after! 🙂

The Difference of A Year

Posting about Mother’s Day resulted in some reminiscing and looking at pictures from last Mother’s Day! Wow, what a difference a year makes!

Mother's Day 2010

Last Mother’s Day I had a 3-week-old teeny, tiny baby (and was 3 weeks postpartum & still looking a bit swollen!)

Mother's Day 2011

This year I have a 12.5-month-old toddler who’s walking!

I just wonder how different the picture will look next year and how much bigger Paxton will be!

Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day! We had a lovely morning at church (and I had my favorite Cinnamon Crunch Bagel from Panera for breakfast there!) Paxton moved up from the nursery (where I volunteer) to the toddler room this week, he’s getting to be such a big boy! {And I was not emotional about the ‘big move’! I love my toddler so much, he’s so much fun these days!}

After church, I stopped by Sonic and treated myself to a Peach Sweet Tea (yum!) and then picked up a few groceries! John David beat me home (he was at another campus that morning) and we actually ended up eating Cinnamon Cereal for lunch (I just purchased it and it sounded so yummy…notice the cinnamon trend!) Between the 3 of us we basically wiped out the entire box and boy was it good!

After we ate, we went outside and took some pictures of Paxton and Mama on Mother’s Day! We were able to get a few good shots but seriously, photographing a 12-month-old is hard work!

Love that sweet smile!

We checked out the magnolia tree! He loves the leaves!

My magnolia tree had its first blooms!! What a beautiful gift!

This shot is just funny to me….had to share!

Paxton enjoys playing with my necklaces!

This necklace says “Love is Patient”! I wear it as a reminder of the importance of patience in my mothering, it was quite fitting to wear on Mother’s Day I thought!

Having fun with my sweet boy!

Stealing some sweet kisses!

John David made Hot Wings and Sweet Potato Fries for dinner again this year! Yummy! I also was given some peach rings (again, yummy!!) and my sweet man made some delicious homemade strawberry ice cream!!

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day and I’m just feel so blessed to be called ‘mama’! {Especially now that he is actually saying mama!!}

And we’ll leave you on this silly note…

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