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I’m way behind in my blogging – I’m sure you’ve noticed! Between being a mama to an incredibly active 11-month-old, being a wife, maintaining a home, cooking dinner, preparing to move, blogging on Frugal and Simple and keeping up with an 11-month-old (that deserves being said twice…it’s HARD work!!), I have little time to blog here!

I am still snapping pictures throughout the week of the cute and crazy things our sweet boy does and hopefully I’ll have a chance this week to play a little catch up!

If you remember, Paxton was incredibly long when he was first born. At 2 months, he was 25 inches (for comparison, he was only 29 inches at 9 months!) Most of his length was in his torso and he was wearing some 9 and 12 month clothes around 3 months old!

I found pictures of him wearing one of his 12 month onesies in August (when he was 4 months!) and took a picture this past week of him wearing the exact same onesie at 11 months!

Sweet little 4 month old Paxton!

So hard to believe this is the same child but it is! And it really is the same onesie! His legs have grown but his torso has slowed down!

Sweet teeny tiny Paxton!

I can’t help but look at this picture and think, where did my baby go? He looks like such a boy when comparing him to his picture at 4 months! Of course 7 months is a long time especially for a baby!

And the hair, I cannot believe how much his hair has grown!!

Maybe He’s Like His Mama

Watching Paxton grow and learn is so much fun! Everyday is a brand new adventure and he’s exploring the world around him and learning so much.

A little personality is beginning to emerge and it’s so exciting watching! Before he was born, I would wonder what is my baby going to look like, will he look like his daddy, will he have dark hair, and many more similar questions. Now, I wonder, what is he going to be like? Will he be a typical first born? Will he be neat or messy? Will he love reading like me or prefer tech stuff like daddy or will he find room in his heart for both?

A few days ago I found evidence suggesting maybe he’s like his mama:

Yes, a laundry basket full of wipes!

This seems insignificant. How can a laundry basket tell me something about my child’s personality?

Well, those wipes were in the wipes container. He removed them from the wipes container and placed them in the basket. All of them! There was not a single wipe in the container or on the ground, they were all in the basket!

You can see the wipes container at the top of this photo! I was just completely amazed that he did this and just wish I could have witnessed it!

I’m thinking he’s going to be like his mama, neat and orderly! Or maybe I’m just hoping…the state of his room each and every day suggests he’s far from neat and orderly, he’s chaotic! Only time will tell…

Sleeping Little One

Paxton looks so sweet when he’s asleep in his car seat! We love peeping at him sleep in the car thanks to our back seat mirror!

Look at those sweet cheeks and lips!

{And I started to take him out before I decided to snap these pictures!}

These pictures reminded me of this picture that I took of him when he was 7 days old:

It’s hard to believe that babies change so much in 11 months! Paxton at 7 days doesn’t even look like my Paxton now! The little lips do look similar!

And I know in 11 more months I’ll look at these recent pictures and hardly remember when I had one so small! I’m trying so hard to just live in the present and savor each moment I have with this precious little man that God has blessed us with.

Growing Little Monkey

Yesterday morning, I moved Paxton’s outgrown baby clothes from a cardboard box into a storage tote. I found this sweet little green monkey romper he wore last summer. I decided to try it on him since it was a 9 month outfit (and he is still wearing some 9 month clothes)! It fit…a little snug but it fit!

Here he is almost 5 months ago in the same outfit. He has grown so much!

His hair has grown a lot. He looks like such a big boy.

While I was trying to take his picture on the couch, he was crawling back and forth across the couch. So funny!

Nine Months

Somehow Paxton is 9 months old! He has now been in the world longer than he was inside of me! {That makes pregnancy seem so long!}

What a joy he is! It seems like every single day he learns something new and it’s so much fun as his parents to teach him and watch him learn and thrive!

This month’s milestones:

*Cruising- He’s quite the little cruiser these days! He also walks quite well when we hold both of his hands. It’s precious watching him “walking”!

*Talking- He babbles all the time! “Dada” is his main word right now but over the past couple of days his vocabulary has really expanded and he’s been babbling all kinds of things!

*Sigining- We’ve been working on the signs “more” and “milk” and he’s finally got those down! I love that we’re beginning to communicate! Now I frequently see him signing “more milk”! This boy loves nursing and eating!

*Growing- He weighed 20 pounds 2 ounces and was 29.5 inches long at his 9 month check up! {For comparison, he was 18 pounds 5 ounces and 28.5 inches at his 6 month checkup.} I honestly was surprised he hadn’t grown more but I suppose he’s slowing down a little! He’s in the 90-95th percentile for height and 25-50th for weight.

*Beginning to eat table foods! We’re starting to share our foods with him from our plates. We typically will give him vegetables and teeny tiny bites of meat. He loves anything we give him from our plates. And he has no issues letting us know when he wants something we’re eating…he’ll grunt at us!

*Still nursing- He nurses about every 3-4 hours during the day still. It is demanding but so worth it to me!

*Wearing almost all 12 month clothes these days! There are a few 9 month items in his dresser but they’re getting small! {This is partially why I was shocked that he only grew 1 inch in 3 months…his clothes indicate more growth!}

*Still have his Bum Genius diapers on the second setting but I think they need to be moved up soon. {This makes me a little sad as well as a little scared…what if he outgrows his diapers before potty training?!}

*One of his favorite things to do these days is pull books off of our bookshelves! His room has his board books only but the bookcase in the living room contains “real” books. I’ve been surprised at how gentle he’s been with them, he’s not ripped a page…yet! I frequently tell him “be nice to the books” when he’s playing with them.

*Loves when his daddy comes home! He shrieks and lights up when daddy walks through the door. It is the most precious thing ever!

*He’s becoming a little helper! He’ll help me with laundry!

*Plays “Peek a Boo”! What fun that is!

*He “growls” which has earned him the nickname Paxasaurus! It’s so cute!

*He is into everything and quite the adventurer! The toilet lids are kept closed and the bathroom doors are closed all the time! We also have to watch him almost every waking minute because he quickly gets into things!

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