Christmas with Grandma and Papaw

After Christmas with the Cobbles, Grandma and Papaw Boreing came to Georgia! We all went to the Christmas program at church and then we celebrated Christmas!

We finished opening a few of Paxton’s presents from his stocking from Nana and Papaw. He loved these little cars!

Opening a present with Grandma!

It’s the Little People grandparents! They even come with a suitcase which is just perfect since both sets of grandparents live away!

Opening another present!

It’s a Little People tractor, wagon and 2 more people!

He also received his very first laptop!

Checking out his new computer with Papaw!

Playing with his computer.

(Once again, I’m sure you notice the child centered trend with our Christmas pictures!)

Christmas with the Boreings

Last Friday we headed to East Tennessee for Christmas with the Boreings. We had a lovely time with almost the entire family (we were missing “Aunt” Jill and cousin Todd), the newest member of the family, 2-day-old Callie was even there!

We had a wonderful time visiting and eating all kinds of yummy foods! We played Dirty Santa with consumable gifts (which I think is brilliant!) Then the kids opened presents!

Paxton opening one of his presents with his Papaw! (He’s holding onto his Christmas dog which he loves!)

It’s a Touch and Feel Farm book from Mamaw and Papaw! He loves it!

Aunt Pam gave him these adorable Roper Cowbabies boots! They are absolutely adorable and have a warm fleecey lining…perfect for cold winter days!

He has his book read to him probably 12 times!

Reading again with Uncle Forrest!

Playing with Mama!

Relaxing with Mamaw!

At one point, we put on some Christmas music and Paxton instantly went to the computer but the cute part, he started “dancing”…it’s adorable!!

Paxton with Mamaw and Papaw

Our family! (John David’s mom made this adorable hat…we love it! He’s worn it to church and to town this week and we’ve gotten tons of compliments!)

The 4 generations of Boreing men

Paxton with Grandma and Papaw

We had a wonderful time with our family, just wish our visit would have been longer!

Riding on the Tractor

Last week while we were visiting John David’s parents, Paxton went on a tractor ride with his Papaw! They had a big ole time but by the time they made it back to the house, Paxton was sound asleep! It was precious!

Sweet sleeping little boy!

After snapping these pictures and enjoying the precious little moment, we brought him in and put him down for a nap…he slept a long time! Farming is hard work, even for babies!

Hunting Rocks

Since the weather is finally cooling off, I’m beginning to break out the fall clothes! One of our favorites, his Hunting Rocks t-shirt from his grandpa!

He seriously looks like he’s 2 or 3 years old here!

He’s not quite sitting up and he fell over after I snapped a picture, but he’s adorable here (and looks like a baby!)

Checking out his feet!

His grandmother crocheted this camo hat, I went to put it on him today and it’s just a little small…he’s grown quite a bit since he wore it as a newborn!

Here he is just 5 1/2 months ago and it was way too big! How do they grow so fast?

I suppose his grandfathers and daddy may try to get him into hunting but the boy really seems to be following in his daddy’s footsteps as a technical director. (He’s once again sitting in my lap reaching for the keyboard!)

So here’s Paxton’s blog for the day:

1/…….. ;//  ] ., k ee dd  d ,m  ≤z  bn

Go Vols

Our little Vol fan was ready for game day! He has an orange diaper, football shoes and UT onesies!

Practicing football moves!

Loves his Nannie!

Watching football with Grandaddy! (Neither one would look at me because they were watching a game!)

Still watching the game!

Handsome little Vol fan!


They won!! Yay!!

Showing off his adorable football shoes!!

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