Playing Dress Up

Lately Paxton has been playing dress up with our clothes and shoes! The result is hilarious! He adores his daddy’s boots! We occasionally put them on him and he just loves it, it’s pretty funny, especially when he tries to walk!

Our cute little cowboy!

Another thing he loves is trying on my clothes, my bathing suit top was in the floor and he kept trying to put it on, so I finally put it on right and it was hilarious!

Playing with daddy’s boots while wearing mama’s bathing suit!! Ha ha!!

Cutest pictures ever…I’m sure he’ll really appreciate this shot in 15 years!

One handsome little cowboy!!

The Past Few Days of Paxton Cuteness

We’re at that point where Paxton does so many cute things a day it’s hard to keep up with or remember! We try to take pictures of some of the things he does!

Lately he’s been obsessed with crawling into the laundry basket and just hanging out while I fold clothes! A few days ago, I had the basket of clean rags sitting in the kitchen and he crawled in and then when I ran to grab my camera, he drug his laptop into the basket with him and was having a big ole time!!

Enjoying his computer while sitting in the laundry basket! Ah, the life of a toddler!!

One night last week I brought the tubs of clothes that I’ve stashed away from fall and winter into the office (thanks to hand-me-downs, larger sized clothing gifts & a few items I’ve found on clearance we’ve just about outfitted him!) The next day I never got around to putting them back in Paxton’s closet and he used them as a bench! He climbed up there several times with books! {Before I grabbed the camera, he was leaning up against the wall with the book…it was precious!}

Then he realized there were shoes on the floor in front of him and tried to put them on!! So cute!!

Since our big storm a week ago, we’ve been going out and picking up sticks off and on  (on the days when it doesn’t rain or storm!)  Since I can’t leave him alone in the house he gets to tag along! I put him in a play bodysuit and his little tennis shoes and he looked so stinkin’ adorable I had to take a few pictures!!

I’m lovin’ the bodysuit and tennis shoes look!!

And there’s more to come…

Saturday Evening

We spent Saturday morning yard sale-ing and we just relaxed Saturday evening with swimming, snacks and playing!

Paxton enjoyed his very first whole cracker! I typically break it up for him but lately he’s been biting things so I gave him a chance with the crackers and he did fabulous!

I gave him 3 crackers and he held all 3 of them and nibbled on them! It was too funny!

Such a big boy!!

After swimming Paxton had a bath and then I put him in his pajamas and we played in his room! Oh the fun we had! Lately he’s been getting my purses out of my closet and playing with them! He puts them on his shoulders…imitating mama! It’s quite cute to see him dragging them along!

Having a blast with the purses!

We snapped a few shots of us together! I’m thrilled Paxton was looking at the camera!

Love this sweet Paxton smile!


Loving on his stuffed lion!

Look at that sweet little face!

Love this shot for some reason…it’s just a glimpse of reality…stuff everywhere and Paxton walking around!!

And he’s now attempting to climb on his rocking horse all by himself…he’s not been successful yet but I’m sure the day is quickly coming!!

I love spending time with this little fella!!

First Swim

We enjoyed our first family swim Sunday afternoon! The water was a little chilly but that didn’t matter one bit to Paxton! He loved it…as we expected!

He loves climbing on the ladder!

And he loves being in the water!

More climbing! Right now, he’d probably spent 100% of his swim time climbing in and out of the pool if mama and daddy would let him!

Sweet boy!

I think he’s having fun!

Enjoying the swim with dad! {He does not like being on his back or leaning forward too far and as of right now, he can’t balance himself at all even with his little floaty suit so we carry him around!}

Attempting a swim! We were able to get him to kick his legs a little bit!

Looking like such a big boy!

We’re very excited about our pool and know we’re going to have hours of cool family fun this summer!

Trip to the Tennessee Aquarium: Part 2

We had a blast at the penguin exhibit! There were these life sized penguins there that Paxton enjoyed touching! {He’s about the same size as a penguin!}

Having a big ole time!

An attempt of a sweet picture of mama and Paxton!

It was amazing watching the penguins swimming around and hearing their loud calls!

We loved the huge aquarium full of all kinds of fish and sharks! Near the aquarium, there was a shark cage that we had fun in!

Look at that silly, silly boy!

Our caged family!

Paxton and Daddy crawled into one of the tanks and were able to see crabs up close! {And he waved at me while he was in there…so precious!}

And this is where our photo taking just ended…halfway through the Ocean Journey building. I suppose we got so wrapped up in having fun that we just forgot to take pictures!

We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to going back in 6 months or so, Paxton should have even more fun then!!

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