At My Parents

2 weekends ago we went to visit my family. We had a lovely visit and Paxton had a blast with his cousin Emmy! {We didn’t take a ton of pictures, but here are a few!}

Emmy loves Pax!

Getting sweet kisses!

I just love this shot! Emmy looks like such a big girl!

Brother…wearing matching jammies!

Since we don’t have a Pack’n’Play and don’t want one since they’re so big, we have to get creative when traveling with our babies! Paxton sleeps in a big boy bed with a rail on it at my parents and Weston started his nights in a clothes basket and a doll bed! {And as usual, wound up in our bed!} We put a blanket in them and he slept swaddled on his back! {Of course he’s almost too big for the doll bed!}


Our Monday

Monday is probably my favorite day of the week! I used to hate Mondays but now that I’m a stay at home mama and John David’s off day is Monday, I love them!

This past Monday was gorgeous! We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and enjoyed some time outside with the boys! It was so refreshing to get outside and play! We couldn’t help thinking about our garden and we’ve been making plans ever since!

Paxton hanging out in Daddy’s truck! He loves listening to the music in there!


Running…right now he’s in this phase where he says ‘run’ over and over when he is running! It’s absolutely precious!!

Weston even enjoyed the sunshine snuggled up against mama!

Wearing my sweet boy!

Paxton was quite the little explorer, checking out the gutters!

We put together the activity mat a few days ago and Paxton is quite intrigued with it! {This was attempt one of the cuteness of the two boys!}

It’s blurry but they’re both kind of looking so I had to share!

Paxton loving on Weston, he’s a little rough with his love but it’s sweet!

So that was our Monday with our boys!

Due Date Day

December 31 was Weston’s due date! Of course, since he was early, we woke up to a 9 day old!! We started off the last day of 2011 hanging out in bed!

Our sweet boys!

Paxton loves brother!!

Not the most flattering picture ever but it tells a story…Paxton is always eating and I’m always drinking water!!

Our lovely and cheerful child eating breakfast…ahh, toddlerhood!

Sweet little Weston!!

Our precious bright eyed boy!

Nana and Papaw came to visit the boys! Nana enjoyed some sweet Weston snuggles!

And Paxton had a blast with Papaw!!

Celebrating Weston’s due date!!

Still can’t believe he’s in our arms!

Sweet little face!

We love this sweet boy!!

More Christmas



Yes, it’s now January 9th but I’m way behind in sharing pictures so we’re going back to December 26th!


We celebrated Christmas as a family of 4 on December 26th! John David made us a yummy breakfast of bacon, sausage links, biscuits, gravy and homemade hashbrowns! Everything was delicious!!


Then we let Paxton open his presents from us! 


His new wooden construction vehicles! 


We gave him a new chunky puzzle that he loves!


Paxton’s presents from us! Again this year, we gave him 3 gifts. We don’t know if we’ll continue the tradition or not but 3 seems like a reasonable number. Last year he received wooden blocks and 2 books {all of which he still plays with!} This year we went with a construction theme! A dump truck, a set of construction vehicles {that come apart so they’re a ‘creative’ toy} and a construction puzzle! He loves everything!


Loving on baby brother!!I love these two! I especially love Paxton’s fondness for his brother and his requests to ‘old’ him!!


We love our Weston!!


And the next day we discovered that Paxton decided his new dump truck serves dual purposes! It’s not only a toy, it also makes a great holder for his o’s!! Munching down on some o’s while playing on the iPad {or ‘paa’ as he calls it!} Love this kid!!


Christmas :: Part 2


John David and me on Christmas morning. {One of the first pictures of just us in months! And John David said it’s really just us since there’s no baby in my belly!}


With our sweet boys! It’s still so hard to believe that we’re parents to 2 children!


The boys with Mimi and Papaw


Paxton and Mimi


Love this shot!! {And Mimi made this adorable hat! Weston has one too…it’s just a little big right now!}


Our little musician! He LOVES his guitar!!


Paxton’s got the Zac Brown look going on!! 🙂


With my precious Weston!!


There is nothing like holding a newborn, especially your own newborn!


Kisses for my precious boy!!


Paxton is having snack time with Weston!!


And more playing with his guitar!


I got a new vacuum for Christmas and as John David was vacuuming the house, he let Paxton have a whirl!


The look on his face when he got to vacuum…priceless! This boy loves to help!!


Bringing the vacuum to mama!!


Checking out the lights on the front of the vacuum!!Paxton watching mama vacuum! {And seriously, this little vacuum has revolutionized our life…no more sweeping! Plus, it has a detachable hand vac which is quite handy!!}

We had a wonderful Christmas morning. We attended church which was special bringing Weston to church for the very first time on Christmas morning! And we spent the afternoon just resting and enjoying our two boys!


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