Our family, Easter 2012.{It’s almost impossible to take a good picture of two kids!}

We had a lovely Easter! After church, we went to Nana & Papaw’s for Easter dinner with the family!

Paxton hunting eggs with Mimi & Papaw!

He loved finding eggs, he hunted about 6 different times! When all the eggs had been found, he’d say ‘more’ and they’d be hidden again!


FFA Convention

We attended day one of the Tennessee FFA Convention! We enjoyed visiting with friends and being at the convention since we hadn’t been since 2009. There were several changes since we last attended and the convention just seems to get better and better every year!

The boys with their Papaw, former agriculture teacher and state FFA advisor, at their very first Tennessee FFA Convention!

Paxton wondering in the convention hall between sessions!

Love this shot of our little boy checking out the stage.

On stage!

This child couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bust a move while on a stage! He’s a born entertainer!

Little rocker coming off stage!

“The plow is the symbol of labor and tillage of the soil…” I had to get a shot of this since John David and I both were Vice Presidents!

Our family at convention!

Now we just have to figure out a way to get back to Tennessee in 12 years so Paxton can be enrolled in agriculture and an FFA member in Tennessee!

The End of March

Here’s a few favorite pictures from the end of March:

In their brother shirts! We bought Paxton’s when we found out baby number two was on the way and we found Weston’s a few weeks ago!

My boys are full of personality!!

Look at this precious boy!!

We had a mini (and somewhat unsuccessful…it’s hard to photograph two!) photo shoot the day the boys wore their matching rompers!

Sweet boys!! (Little Weston was not up for holding his head up this day!)

I love that this little expression was captured!

A little editing on this precious shot!

Daddy and his boys!

Love! Look at Paxton’s puckered little lips!!

The boys!!

Precious brotherly love!

Beginning of March

March 1 was absolutely beautiful so I took the boys outside and was able to snap some sweet pictures! They’re not perfect since it’s almost impossible to get a 22-month-old to sit still and look at the camera but they’re cute shots!

Sweet little Weston!

This little man is getting so big and I’m loving him more and more with each passing day!

Paxton loves, loves, loves being outside! This day he was playing with sticks!

Marching through the yard with a big stick!


They both look mean but they’re still cute!

Paxton enjoyed his very first strawberry smoothie on March 2 and I think this picture is evidence that he loved it! I am so thankful I took his shirt off because it was everywhere!!

On the 3rd, I got away for a few hours by myself and John David had the boys! He caught Paxton setting the table and serving dinner! So precious!

We finally got chickens on the 6th! We’ve been looking for buff orpingtons for weeks and weeks and weeks and finally found some about 30 minutes from our house! We’re all so excited!

Paxton checking out our new girls!!

Peeping into the chicken house!

Love this shot of these two!!

On the Farm

While visiting my parents, who live on my grandparents farm, we enjoyed looking at all the animals! This cow was so friendly, she stood at the fence the whole time and just looked at us, she even let John David pet her!

These 2 little calves stared at us the whole time too but they never did come close! They’re precious!

Paxton loved looking at the cows and calves!

A few more cows came to get a better look at the tiny human but weren’t as brave as the other cow! {And we’re amazed at Paxton’s knowledge of barbed wire! We never taught him about it but he knows how to prevent getting scratched somehow…smart boy!}

Love this shot of Paxton!

Trying to feed the cows and calves!

I wore Weston the whole time we were outside.

I love this shot!

With my boys…to bad Paxton wasn’t looking!

Walking up the driveway! He had such a blast exploring!

Goats! There were a few baby goats!

We also visited the chickens but didn’t get any pictures! I’m looking forward to our next visit, I have a feeling Paxton will have even more fun then!

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