Ice Cream Mustache

Somebody has a really nice daddy! The kind of daddy that allows him to have a few bites of ice cream!

Paxton really enjoyed his ice cream and we have evidence of the enjoyment! It does seem that more ended up around his mouth than in his mouth though!

Sweet sweet boy!

If he’s anything like he’s daddy, chocolate ice cream will be his favorite dessert!

Like Father, Like Son

Sunday afternoon nap for my two men!

My Men

My two men right before we left yesterday to do a little Christmas and grocery shopping! (Thankfully the Christmas shopping was successful and there’s not too much left to do!)

(And everything Paxton is wearing from head to toe is from his grandmother! I just thought that was funny and we needed to snap a picture of it…and she made that adorable camo hat!!)

My two handsome men!

And Paxton now has a tooth!! He had a bottom tooth poke through Sunday! You can’t really see it but you can feel it…I can no longer let him nibble my fingers, I learned that yesterday! I’m sure it will be a few days before I can take get a good shot of it but I’ll share when I do!


John David and Paxton dressed alike!! Paxton’s shirt is from his grandmother and John David’s is from his nana!

My two men! Isn’t Paxton just adorable?

He loves this!!

Having fun with dad!

Our handsome little man!

Our Wonderful Life

We may not be wealthy by world’s standards but we’re wealthy when it comes to family! We’ve been so blessed with our little man and life is just wonderful! Here’s a glimpse of our day.

Ready to go out to the mailbox! Paxton’s wrapped up snugly in a Lotus Hold in our Moby Wrap! I just love this wrap, it is so comfotable!

What do you think, do we look alike? There was no denying he looked like his daddy when he was born but lately more and more people are commenting that he looks like me! He undoubtably has my reddish brown hair!

Silly mama and baby! I love his chubby cheeks and double chin and little smile!!

We had a fabulous trip to the mailbox! The walk was very nice, it was warm but not too hot! And we had a package, a new Comfy Rumps diaper that I’ll be reviewing soon on Frugal & Simple Living! (New cloth diapers always make mama happy…cloth diapering is so much fun!!)

After our walk we played a little and read a few books in the nursery!

I suppose he’s such a big boy now that he no longer needs mama to rock him!

I’ve found our Bumbo makes an excellent little prop!

I love this picture! Notice his fuzzy hair…love it!!!

After a little bit of playing, it was time to eat, he was hungry (you’d think the kid never ate the way he fusses when he remembers he needs to eat!)

Before we knew it daddy was home!!

I caught these two watching a show on the iPad! Doesn’t Paxton look like such a big boy?

Look at this kid! (It’s so hard to believe that just 4 months ago he was a teeny tiny sleepy newborn and now he’s almost sitting up by himself!)

Then we ate dinner and enjoyed a few of our favorite TV shows while Paxton ate and fell asleep in my arms, I love holding my sweet sleeping babe!

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