Going on a Wagon Ride

Grandaddy took Paxton and Emerson on a wagon ride Tuesday! We bundled them up and tucked them in the wagon.

Paxton wasn’t excited about the ride at all!

In fact, he didn’t enjoy it at all! We had to cut the ride short.

Presents and Playing

We loved watching the little ones opening their presents! Emmy just loved opening hers!

This gift was princess panties for Emmy from me! They are absolutely adorable!

Paxton opening his present from Emmy!

Almost has it open!

It’s a farm animal sounds puzzle! The funny thing, we gave Emerson one of these for her birthday! Emmy loves it so Beka thought Paxton would enjoy one too and of course it was partially payback since it does make noise!

Aren’t they precious playing together?


We dressed the babies up and took a ton of pictures of them! Of course since they are 8 months and 18 months, there were only a few that turned out good but they are still absolutely precious pictures!

Emmy was so loving towards Paxton! She treated him like he was her baby! I don’t think she realized that he is almost as big as she is!! {Isn’t it hard to believe these kids are 10 months apart…they look about the same age since he’s a big boy and she’s a tiny girl!}

She pushes, he rides! {And I was shocked she could push him since he weighs as much as she does and surprised at Paxton’s ability to hold himself up so well!}

Riding along!

Right before they fell over!

These two are just heartwarming together…almost makes me want to have a very close in age sibling for Paxton!

Christmas Visit

We spent the first part of this week at Nannie and Grandaddy’s and what a wonderful and relaxing time it was! It was so wonderful to have help with the “baby wrangling” too!

Paxton had fun with his cousin Emerson and the rest of the family had a blast watching the two of them interact – it’s absolutely precious!

Paxton playing with Great Grandma! He actually could ride that little bus – I was just amazed that he had the ability to hold himself up!

Practicing walking with Grandma!

More walking!

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Billy gave him this cow! He loves it!

Playing with the newest addition to the toy herd! (And of course he chewed all over it!!)

Rebekah and I decided to let the kids exchange the gifts that we purchased for them and have fun opening and playing with their presents while we were together!

Emerson was getting the hang of unwrapping!

Playing with the magnetic animals that Paxton gave Emerson! She loves animals and the kids really liked playing with these!

Of course Paxton is at the age that he would just rather chew on the gifts instead of open them…that is his first reaction!

Actually doing a little unwrapping!

More unwrapping attempts! This gift was Little People- a farmer girl and 2 cows for his farm!

A 4 Day Visit

Last Saturday Paxton and I went to visit my parents for 4 days!! I hadn’t been home that many days since college! We arrived around 5:30 Saturday night (just in time for dinner!) We had a wonderful time visiting with my parents, grandparents, sister, aunts and of course Miss Emerson!

Sunday I went to my parents church (I hadn’t been there in over 2 years…since John David works at church we rarely miss a Sunday!) It is amazing that you can be away from a place for so long and go back and it still seems so familiar! We spent part of Monday shopping and then Tuesday Rebekah and I went to a local secondhand store! And after our secondhand shopping we enjoyed Happy Hour at Sonic…a stop we enjoyed while in high school!

A few pictures from our visit (I managed to not get a single picture of Rebekah or me!):

Nannie and Paxton, I love that they have the same expression!

Paxton smiling at his silly granddaddy!

Sweet little cousins! (He is quickly catching up with her!! She was 19 pounds at 1 year and he was 13 at 2 months…I do believe by this Christmas he will be bigger than she is!)

Grandaddy playing Paddy Cake with Emerson and I love Paxton’s expression!!

Emerson is giving Paxton some love…I don’t think he really wants the love!

Loving on Paxton! She just loves “the baby”! Whenever we ask her about the baby she makes her nurturing “lullaby” sound…it really is amazing that a 1 year old has such natural mothering instincts!

We went home Wednesday after lunch, somewhat sad to go but happy we had such a wonderful visit!!

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