Cloth Diapered Babies

Last week after baths, I put both of the boys in two of their new bumGenius diapers {I love the colors Sassy & Mirror!!} I wanted to get some pictures of my cloth diapered babies and I love these shots!

Paxton was thrilled to be holding his brother!

He just loves Weston!!

Sweet, sweet Paxton loving on Weston!

Cloth Diapered Babies

Paxton and Emerson in Bum Genius diapers! Paxton is wearing a Small All-in-One and Emerson is wearing a One-Size 3.0 both in Grasshopper!! So precious!!

They both want their mommies to stop taking pictures of them!!

New Diapers

Receiving new diapers is exciting! When you’re down to two pre-folds and one cover on laundry day, you certainly are very excited to receive a package containing 5 new diapers!

Yay! It’s here!!

Paxton and his package of diapers, which is just about as big as he is! (He could have cared less but it was like Christmas for mama…I won a $100 Cotton Babies gift card 2 weeks ago and was so excited to receive the diapers! I only spent $12.50 out of pocket and that included insuring my package!)

His diaper loot!!

5-Bum Genius 3.0 One-Size diapers

1-Planet Wise Medium Wet Bag

2-Indian Pre-Folds

His new diapers Twilight, Butternut, Grasshopper, Clementine and Twilight! I am excited to have the Butternut (yellow) and Twilight (blue) diapers…we didn’t have either of those colors!

And of course I washed a load of new diapers and hung them on the line! (Fun!)

And I had a cute little stinker in my laundry basket full of diapers when it was time to stuff!!

Cloth Diapers and iPads

We had a lovely Saturday, it started much earlier than usual, after Paxton woke around  7:00 I stayed up! (gasp!) It was amazing how much longer that made our Saturday and how much I was able to get done before 10:00 (which is when we normally start functioning!

This week we started cloth diapering officially! (I did a test run a few weeks ago!) It’s been really easy and I love the cute cloth diapers (and the fact that we’re saving money!) Dealing with poo in the cloth diapers has not been bad at all and they are so easy to use! (I might have to do a detailed cloth diapering post one of these days!)

Here’s Paxton in one of his Fuzzi Bunz diapers! I had to snap the picture of him in the red one on his farm sheets!!

One of my goals for Saturday was to take some pictures of Paxton since he’s growing so fast! Taking pictures of a 1-month-old is not an easy task!

Here is the process:

I love this one!! (And see the green…that’s his Bum Genius All-in-One diaper, it’s adorable!)

Around 3:00 we left and went to a neighboring town to do a Craigslist transaction (I’ll get back to that!) We stopped at Wal-Mart and brought back some baby items we’d purchased but didn’t need. While we were there I picked up 2 shirts (my maternity clothes are too big and my regular shirts are too small so I had about 5 shirts for summer…now I have 7!) We also picked up a snack: Wheat Thins and Dr. Pepper! Here’s where our frugality comes in, instead of buying a 20 oz for $1.38, we purchased a 2-liter for $.99 and bought a $.22 cup of ice, it cost $.17 less and we had more Dr. Pepper!

Then we went to Goodwill (where I found 2 Bright Baby Books: My Little Counting Book for $2.99 and Animals for $.99!) followed by a stop at Big Lots where I found cereal marked down to $1.15 a box and Wheat Thins and Triscuit for $1 each! (Love these little bargains!)

Then John David made his Craigslist transaction! He purchased an iPad! He’s wanted one ever since they were announced but with our budget he couldn’t go out and purchase one the day they began selling them. However, he had saved some money from doing some odd jobs (technical support) and had a little birthday money and is selling a camera so he had enough to purchase the iPad in cash! Yay!

Holding Paxton and playing on the iPad!

John David plans to use it at work since he typically carries his MacBook, this is more convenient. It’s perfect  to have especially on Sunday morning since Planning Center (his service order program) works beautifully on there!

It’s a really amazing device. I didn’t understand what all the hype was about, but after playing with it and reading through some books, I think it’s really awesome! I even used it to do some internet browsing while nursing! I have a feeling it will be used a lot by us both…(I’ll trade baby for iPad when he gets home from work! ha!)

New Belly Button

This morning when John David changed Paxton’s diaper he noticed his cord had fallen off sometime during the night! How exciting, yet sad…my baby is growing up (yes, I am a bit sappy at times, I blame it completely on my hormones right now!)

Modeling his new cord-free belly!

Paxton’s adorable belly button!

We also tried out more cloth diapers today!

Here he is in the Flip diaper. It is a one-size diaper with inserts! It is big on him…the legs aren’t completely fitted on him right now. I think we really need to wait a few more weeks before we can begin using the Flip diapers.

Sweet baby legs! (Excuse his dryness…he is so dry, I’ve been told it is completely normal though!)

He wore 2 Flips (they were both a little big on his skinny little legs and we had a little leaking). He also tried out 2 Bum Genius One-Size diapers, they were bulkier than the small All-in-One but not as big as I anticipated them being on him.

Wearing a cute bib from his Nannie! She gave it to him when we found out we were having a boy in December…she couldn’t resist that it says ‘boring’ on it!

Enjoying some daddy snuggles before bed time feeding!

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